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    The main role can be taken as a mini oxygen supply plant for a single nursing room of hospital. It can provide high pressure 1.5-6 atmospheres (about 1.4bar to 6bar) and flow rate 20 l / min oxygen to 45 patient beds which support 4 to 5 patients use or equal quantity ventilators to run at the same time.

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    AirSeal® combines the design and function of its 3 proprietary components to create a laparoscopic/robotic working environment that is exceptionally stable and remarkably clear. The combination of stable pneumoperitoneum, continuous smoke evacuation, and valve-free access to the abdominal cavity are made possible by the high flow, pressure sensing capabilities of the AirSeal®

  • Flight 60

    The flight 60 is a fully independent, turbine or manifold based, ventilator. The worldwide deployed Flight 60 is both a volume-control and pressure-control ventilator for invasive and noninvasive ventilation. Cost effective, value driven solution for reliable ventilation, across the spectrum of care.

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    Flexicare is a privately owned, leading manufacturer and supplier of medical devices with over 40 years of experience in the healthcare sector. With over 40 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of medical devices, Flexicare has developed a world class reputation.

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    An avoided shortage means an anticipated shortage that will no longer occur. A shortage is resolved when a manufacturer can once again meet current demand for the medical device and. there are no anticipated shortages of the same medical device in the near

  • Silcon® MedicalMedical Grade Silicone Tubing

    SILCON MEDICAL's surface properties resist sticking and encrustation, and will not support bacteria growth. The tubing is soft, pliable, and contains no plasticizers which could leach out, causing flow contamination or tube hardening. Care is recommended in the selection and application of fittings and clamps as sharp barbed fittings or unlined

  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Contactless Liquid Flow

    Ultrasonic flow meters of the SONOFLOW and SEMIFLOW series are designed for effective flow rate measurement on flexible and rigid plastic tubes. They rapidly and reliably measure the flow velocity and calculate real time flow rates of the liquids. Switching outputs allow switching on or off external devices such as pumps or valves.

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    O-Two Medical Technologies. Controlled Ventilation. The e500, e600 & e700 Automatic Transport Ventilators provide flexibility in your choice of functionality and application. ventilation for the respiratory distressed patient. Provides the controlled ventilation that standard BVMs cannot, virtually eliminating the risks associated with over

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    Oxygen regulators and oxygen tanks are medical devices used to deliver and regulate supplemental oxygen to a person that requires oxygen therapy. Functioning as a regulator, oxygen regulators allow oxygen therapy patients to adjust their output of oxygen from 0 to 25 liters per minute, depending upon your prescribed needs of oxygen. Many oxygen regulators will allow you to change the oxygen

  • Medical and dental Equipment Market in Romania

    According to Espicom, the market of the medical equipment in Romania is estimated at 394 million USD in 2010, up by 9.4% compared to 2009. The sum allocated per capita in 2010 for the acquisition of medical equipment in Romania is of some 18 USD. Medical equipment market in Romania in 340 360 380 400 420 2009 2010e million USD

  • Novaerus Medical Grade Air Purification

    Novaerus provides medical-grade solutions that address a global problem unhealthy indoor air. Indoor air is the culprit for many virus-based illnesses, bacterial infections, asthma, allergies and a host of long-term health issues.

  • AEROCHAMBER* FLOW-VU* Chamber Trudell Medical

    People who use a valved holding chamber with their inhaler have better control of their respiratory symptoms. 1 To improve drug delivery, global respiratory guidelines recommend the use of a chamber device along with a metered dose inhaler (MDI) in patients of all ages. 2 Using an AEROCHAMBER PLUS* FLOW-VU* Chamber with your inhaler helps ensure your medicine is delivered where it is

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    The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) is a weekly general medical journal that publishes new medical research and review articles, and editorial opinion on a wide variety of topics of

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    Founded in 2004 Direct Home Medical provides a premium range of sleep, oxygen and asthma therapy products to customers across the United States. We're here to help so give us a try. We like to make a big impression with swift service, low prices, quality merchandise, and brilliant customer care!

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    Via Roma, Zola Predosa (Bologna)Italy Tel. 39 051 Fax 39 051 e-mail [email protected] Cap. Soc. € 1.750.000,00 interamente versersato C.F.

  • Registration of medical devices into the national database

    Notifications shall be submitted within 3 months of the medical device putting into service. IMPORTANT NOTICE Record into the national data base of medical devices placed on the market / put into operation in Romania does not mean approval or authorisation by the NAMMD, the medical

  • LD20Liquid Flow Sensor Sensirion

    Liquid Flow Sensor LD20 Single-use Flow Sensor for Biomedical Applications. Safe, precise, and reliable measurement of low flow rates in medical environment has never been so easy The single-use liquid flow sensors of the LD20 series measure the liquid flow rate directly and at the point of interest for a more effective patient treatment and improved safety.

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    Single-use medical device check valve sample kits are also available for purchase and are ideal for testing our components with your design prior to purchase. For more information, including the potential for custom sourcing if you are unable to locate the component you need, please contact us .

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    25 years developing urodynamic devices with state of the art technology. Since 1985, Albyn Medical has been a pioneer in the development of innovative medical devices, supplying and supporting a global client base via a network of partners & distributors. Specialists in the design and manufacture of products for Urology, Gynaecology and

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    Established in 1988 and located at Ahmedabad, the Company commenced manufacture and export of quality medical disposable devices for single use only. SUSPL brands compare well with other leading brands with respect to quality, and also score by the competitive edge of price, owing to voluminous production. Read More. ×.

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    Some single-use items meet the definition of regulated medical waste and require special handling and disposal according to federal, state, and local rules and regulations. For example, solid waste soaked or saturated with blood or saliva (e.g., gauze saturated with blood after surgery that would release blood when squeezed or compressed gauze

  • Flexsafe® Liquid Storage and Shipping Sartorius

    Flexsafe ® 3D Bags are designed for storage and shipping of large volume of biopharmaceutical solutions in Palletank from 100L to 3,000 L.. They are supplied sterile and ready to use for an easy and convenient process implementation. The versatile range of Flexsafe ® Pre-Designed Solutions (PDS) allows for sterile filtration, storage and transfer of all biopharmaceutical fluids.

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    Mar 31, 2021 · Single-Use flowmeters (Figure 1) are used in high hygiene applications such as biopharma, food, or semiconductor fabrication when a CIP option is not optimal. Sensor types include invasive sensors that come in contact with the working fluid and are discarded after each use and non-invasive models that do not come in contact with the working fluid and are therefore reusable.

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    HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE. Cannabis is a plant-based, or botanical, product with origins tracing back to the ancient world. Evidence suggesting its use more than 5,000 years ago in what is now Romania has been described extensively. 13 There is only one direct source of evidence (Δ 6-tetrahydrocannabinol [Δ 6-THC] in ashes) that cannabis was first used medicinally around 400 ad. 14 In the U.S

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    1 AABB (ed.), et al., Circular of Information for the Use of Human Blood and Blood Components. 2006, tenth edition, Council of Europe Publishing, Seattle, WA. 2 American Society for Apheresis, "Guidelines for Documentation of Therapeutic Apheresis Procedures in the Medical Record by Apheresis Physicians." Journal of Clinical Apheresis 2007 22