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  • Flow Meter & Flow Measurement Systems CS Instruments

    Those flow sensors are available with different shaft lengths and can also be used in very large pipelines > DN 1000 or rectangular ducts. Why to choose a flow meter made by CS Instruments. Within the package of our flow measurement devices there is always a factory calibration certificate.

  • Flood hazard mapping in Jamaica using principal

     · Jamaica, the third largest island in the Caribbean, has been affected significantly by flooding and flood-related damage. Hence assessing the probability of flooding and susceptibility of a place to flood hazard has become a vital part of planning and development. In addition to heavy rainfall from tropical storms and Atlantic hurricanes, several terrestrial factors play significant roles in


     · Innovation of the extrusion die. Technology department JCTIMES has its own polymer analysis center and flow channel simulation laboratory and innovation center, thus each die is manufactured in high precision. Strategic cooperation JCTIMES has cooperated with several research institutions and labs, turning the achievements of sciencetechnology innovation into productivity.

  • Subsea Excavation Seatools

    Innovative bespoke excavation solutions with a high degree of control over the excavation operation. With a track record of pioneering devices such as the Carrera 4 subsea excavator, GES, Arthropod, and Jetting Bull, Seatools established itself as a manufacturer of highly sophisticated and innovate subsea excavation and dredging tools.

  • K33 ATEXMechanical flow meterPIUSI

    K33 ATEX. The PIUSI K33 ATEX product is a mechanical flow meter suitable for the monitoring of diesel, gasoline and kerosene.For non-commercial use, K33 ATEX meets the ATEX requirements for precise measurement of the quantity of Gasoline, kerosene and diesel dispensed in environments with a


    Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., also known by its trade name, Foxconn, is the world's largest contract electronics manufacturer. It makes mobile phones, computers, servers, and TVs. Other products include components such as connectors, cable assemblies, enclosures,

  • Disc Filters for Irrigation Protection Netafim

     · AlphaDisc™ Disc Filter Lean & Mean Filtration Machine. AlphaDisc™ gives you ultimate irrigation system protection thanks to a combination of precise depth filtration, high dirt-holding capacity, and a unique easy-to-scale modular design that adapts with your changing flow rate or water quality needs. AlphaDisc™ also features a smart controller providing performance data at your fingertips.

  • Type 7000 Precision Air Pressure Regulator ControlAir

    The Type 7000 regulator provides high flow capacity while maintaining high accuracy, low droop and precise adjustment during variable high flow conditions. Multiple port size options (up to 3/4″) and rugged construction make the Type 7000 regulator suitable for many applications. The Type 7000 utilizes an isolated control chamber to minimize

  • Filament Yarn (POY/FDY) Oerlikon

    FDY spinning with WINGS. Compact Filament Spinning Line VarioFil. Pre-oriented yarns (POY) are the starting material for a wide range of fashion, sports, functional and home textiles. Following production, POY yarns are textured andwith around 40 percentmake up the lion’s share of the global production of manmade fiber yarns.

  • Optiflow™ Nasal High Flow Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

    Optiflow NHF therapy from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is at the forefront of the field, featuring in hundreds of publications and appearing in such prestigious journals as the NEJM and JAMA. Using Optiflow NHF therapy as a first-line treatment (both pre-intubation and post-extubation) may reduce a patient's escalation "up the acuity curve


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  • Bridge type milling machine FOXCorrea

    The FOX represents a new and innovative concept of bridge-type machine which combines traditional roughing capacity with the speed and precision of high performance machining. It includes a unique system which controls the temperature generated in the vertical axis of the machine. Stand-by function and Auto Switch off function, saving 20% of

  • Type 100 Precision Air Pressure Regulator ControlAir

    The Type 100 is a high precision, multi-stage pressure regulator. This pressure controller provides the highest level of regulation accuracy and repeatability available. The Type 100 is ideal for applications that call for the utmost of control and maximum stability under variable operating conditions. A stainless steel measuring capsule is

  • Full control for high precision applications

    Full control for high precision applications. Used for high precision chemical injection, stepper motor metering pumps combine the ability to withstand high pressures and low maintenance requirements of traditional diaphragm metering pumps, with the added benefits that come with using a stepper motor.

  • Airvo™ 2 Humidification System Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

    A variety of interfaces specifically designed with Optiflow High Flow therapy in mind. At higher flows comfort is paramountyou need an interface designed for the job. Our newest interface, Optiflow 3S. 1. Controlled oxygen. Add and titrate oxygen separately from flow rate. From .21 (room air) to 1.0. FiO 2 displayed onscreen.

  • Advantages of the LI-7000 CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer LI-COR

    LI-7000 Advantages. The LI-7000 CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer is a high performance, high speed, differential gas analyzer designed for laboratory and field uses. [x]Close. Thank you for your request. You will receive an email shortly. If you do not receive it within 24 hours or if you have any questions, please contact LI-COR at . [x]Close.

  • Next Generation Impactor (NGI)Copley Scientific

    The APSD testing of MDIs is typically performed at a flow rate of 28.3 L/min when using an ACI or 30 L/min when using an NGI. For Breath Actuated MDIs (BAIs) a Breath Actuation Controller may also be used to generate a time delay. However, it must be noted that when add-on devices such as spacers or valved holding chambers (VHCs) are used, the

  • Flow cytometry troubleshooting Abcam

    3. High background/high percentage of positive cells. Gain set too high/offset too low Use the positive control to set up the flow cytometer correctly again, using the offset to reduce background from small particles and reduce the gain to decrease the signal. Excess antibody Decrease the

  • Through-Hole Resistors to Reduce Current Flow TE

     · A through-hole resistor is a fixed resistor that has long, pliable leads that can be stuck into a breadboard, or hand- or wave-soldered into a printed circuit board (PCB).Also known as a leaded resistor, a through-hole resistor is used to reduce the flow of electrical current within a circuit.

  • Subsea Trenching Seatools

    Carrera EPrecision flow excavator Carrera 4Mass flow excavator but required a modular skid in order to bury at high speeds without damaging the pipe. The result was a skid that exerted only minimal contact forces on the pipe during positioning and burial, and delivered a strong trenching performance.

  • HZ-960HORIBA

    Dissolved Ozone Monitor. High precision, wide-range dissolved ozone monitor. The repeatability F.S. /- 0.2%. Can select the 4 types of measurement range in-line detectors.

  • Dosing Pumps Manufacturer Supplier KNAUER

    KNAUER high-pressure dosing pumps are based on HPLC technology and inherently provide high chemical resistance, excellent flow rate precision and low pulsation. However, promoting liquid sulfur trioxide required customization, especially with regard to plastic parts in the flow path.

  • Precision Dispensing System for Membranes Ecolab

     · Precision Dispensing System for Membranes is a flow-based dispensing system that accurately and safely dispenses chemistry and provides visibility into chemical consumption for membrane systems. This system is part of our comprehensive Ultrasil™ Membrane Program and is built to deliver precise amounts of the right chemistries to your membranes.

  • Precision Air Compressor Peak Scientific

    Precision Air Compressor. The Precision Air Compressor is designed and engineered specifically to provide a dedicated, fully integrated compressed air source for Precision Nitrogen and Precision

  • Reliable Spoilage Detection For Your Soft Drinks

    Microsart ® Manifold. Facilitate routine spoilage detection of soft drinks by selecting the manifold size (1, 2 3 and 6 branch). Compatible with all Sartorius reusable and single use funnels and filtration unts. Benefits for soft drink production include Robust, full stainless steel material.