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  • Russia Type Acetylene Regulator for WeldingChina Russia

    RUSSIA TYPE ACETYLENE REGULATOR for welding & cutting indusstrial uses. *Descriptions Forged brass body Bonnet for maximum strength.-Oxygen safety relief valve is set for safe operation-Sintered metal inlet filter to trap impurities.-No soldered joints, for easy maintenance-Easy to read dual scale gauges (BAR/P. S.


    PRECISION REGULATORSINGLE STAGESIX PORT VERSION LINE REGULATOR FOR USE IN PURE GAS SUPPLY SYSTEMS. This single-stage line pressure regulator is used in gas supply systems for pure, inert, flammable, oxidising gases and gas mixtures up to gas purity 6.0.

  • Global and Regional Plug-in Oxygen Regulator Market

    Table Precision MedicalCompany Business Overview. Figure Precision Medical Total Revenue from 2018 to 2020. Table Precision Medical Sales, Revenue, Average Price and Gross Margin Analysis. Figure Precision Medical Sales and Growth Rate Analysis of Plug-in Oxygen Regulator. Figure Revenue and Market Share Analysis of Precision Medical

  • Precision Regulators

    Series IR Precision Regulators are designed to be compact and light weight. The maximum set pressure has been expanded from the conventional 0.7MPa to 0.8MPa. Relief flow has been increased by nearly 5 times (compared to SMC IR201, IR401). The optional bracket and pressure gauge can be mounted on either the front or back of the unit.

  • Precision Regulator With BSP Thread Port Size 1/2 inch

    Regulator. Janatics,PR15633,Precision Regulator -G1/2 (8bar),0.18 Bar,BSP. Note The above product photo is common for all its variants. The model no mentioned on the product sticker is for representation purpose only. All the physical dimensions remain

  • 1/8 BSPP Stainless Steel Precision Miniature Pressure

    Description 1/8 BSPP Precision Miniature Pressure Regulator, Non relieving, Non-bleed. Manifold Mount. Extended Description Miniature precision stainless steel pressure regulator. Non relieving and non bleed for precision control air and medical gases. Compact pressure regulator with very low pressure hysteresis, and low pressure droop.

  • TL431K Datasheet, PDFAlldatasheet

    TL431K Datasheet Adjustable Shunt RegulatorSeCoS Halbleitertechnologie GmbH Programmable Precision Regulator, Micro Commercial Components TL431K-3

  • Precision Pressure Regulators ControlAir

    Our precision regulators provide the highest level of regulation accuracy and repeatability available and cater to a wide range of applications that require exact pressure control under variable operating conditions. Applications include medical devices, air gauging, diagnostic equipment, coordinate measuring machines, leak testing equipment

  • Precision Regulator

    Precision Regulator Precision Regulator Reduced by 71 mm Current model Sensitivity 0.2 % (Full span) Repeatability ±0.5 % (Full span) * Compared with the current IR1000/2000/3000 NewIR Current model Series 0.13 0.14 IR1000-A 0.23 0.30 IR2000-A 0.47 0.64 IR3000-A [kg] * Compared with the current IR1000/2000 NewIR Current model Series 720 320

  • AP431 datasheet(1/16 Pages) DIODES ADJUSTABLE PRECISION

    The AP431 and AP431A are 3-terminal adjustable precision shunt regulators with guaranteed temperature stability over the applicable extended commercial temperature range.

  • Precision Pressure Regulator Market Report Global

    Global Precision Pressure Regulator Market by Type (0-100kPa, 0-200kPa, 0-400kPa), By Application (Machinery, Electrical, Oil & Gas, Others) And By Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa), Forecast To 2028

  • TL431OT Datasheet, PDFAlldatasheet

    Adjustable precision shunt regulator. Hotchip Technology Co., TL431. 706Kb / 6P. Programmable output voltage to 36V. Texas Instruments. TL431. 787Kb / 40P. [Old version datasheet] ADJUSTABLE PRECISION SHUNT REGULATORS.

  • Precision Air Regulators McMaster-Carr

    Compressed Air Filter/Precision Regulators for Particle Removal. With ±0. 2 psi accuracy, these filter/regulators provide more precise control than our other compressed air filter/regulators. They provide clean air for use in applications where constant, consistent pressure is important. Joined top-to- bottom, the filter and regulator fit in

  • AS431 datasheet(3/7 Pages) ALPHA Precision Adjustable

    AS431 Datasheet (PDF) 3 PageAlpha Industries. Part No. AS431. Description. Precision Adjustable Shunt Regulator. Download. 7 Pages. Scroll/Zoom. 100%.

  • TL431A datasheet(1/11 Pages) AIC Adjustable Precision

    Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulators Analog Integrations Corporation 4F, 9, Industry E. 9th Rd, Science Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu Taiwan, ROC

  • Elster Precision SolutionsHoneywell Process

    CNG filling stations Honeywell Gas Filling Stations offer solutions including control stations for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), fuels and the growing biogas market. The station technology is available in two series that differ by the supply and nominated capacity. The CNG station structure comprises an inlet line, compressor station, dryers as well as condensate and oil separators, high

  • FAIRCHILD Low Pressure Precision Pressure Regulator

    The Fairchild Model 4100A high precision pressure regulator will handle a 150 psi, 10 BAR maximum supply pressure and offers four (4) output pressure ranges from 0-0.7 psi, 0-0.048 BAR, 0-4.8 kPa up to 0-5 psi, 0-0.35 BAR, 0-35 kPa.

  • Fluid Pressure & Air RegulatorsGraco

    A back pressure regulator (BPR) is a critical part of a fluid circulation system. But in some applications, moving paint through a BPR adds to shear. Too much shear damages paint, affecting finish quality. The innovative design of Graco’s low shear BPR reduces paint shear so that manufacturers produce products with consistent finish quality.

  • Precision Regulators Pneumatic Precision Air Regulators

    Precision regulators provide accurate, consistent air pressure for sensitive instruments, and are ideal for industrial environments. NITRA precision regulators offer a variety of pressure ranges, flow options up to 200 SCFM and sensitivity as great as 1/8 inch water (0.0045 psi), and can be used for shop/plant air supply or air prep for

  • Propane Regulator LP Regulator Propane Warehouse

    High and Low Pressure Propane gas regulator for propane tank regulation . Preset or Adjustable pressure regulators (eleven inches water column is the norm, but some applications require psi input available from adjustable regulators. ). All orders ship for only $5.99. Showing 1–50 of 54 results.

  • 290 l/m G1/8" Pressure Regulator 0.05-10bar Precision

    The pressure regulator adjusts the pressure continuously to a stable level, even when the input pressure varies. The level can be adjusted between 0.0510 bar. This model has G 1/8" ports. The maximum flow rate is 290 l/min. Please note that the maximum flow rate alone doesn’t provide enough information to properly size your pressure regulator.

  • Line RegulatorPrecision Delivery Pressure up to 250

    Contact Us GCE corporate head office GCE Group AB, Murmansgatan 126, 212 25 , Malmö, SWEDEN. Tel 46(0)40-38 83 00. Fax 46(0)40-38 83 33.

  • GCE Medical Gas Sector, High Precision Gas Applications

    Contact Us GCE corporate head office GCE Group AB, Murmansgatan 126, 212 25 , Malmö, SWEDEN. Tel 46(0)40-38 83 00. Fax 46(0)40-38 83 33.

  • Komet Precision Regulator (KPR-X)Komet

    Komet Irrigation Corp. 4501 Paden Road P.O. Box 1207 Fremont, NE 68026USA. Tel. 402 753 3677. Email [email protected]

  • Precision Pressure RegulatorsParker Hannifin

    Parker Precision Fluidics Model 8310/8311 Regulators incorporate a threadless valve seat assembly with a precision glass ball. It is ideal for very low flow carrier gas applications and provides bubble tight shut-off. The 8310/8311 is a direct-acting, non-relieving pressure regulator supplied